Monday, August 13, 2012


     I'm sitting in my new apartment, in my new desk chair, typing on my new laptop, which is sitting on my new desk.  Across from me is my new futon.  Next to me are the text books for the new classes I'm teaching at my new job. Tonight for dinner I ate a broccoli/beef/rice dish that I cooked in my new skillet, drank water from a new glass, and watched an episode of Covert Affairs on my new TV.

     Some things in my life are the same, but many things are new.

     As I was packing for this move, I spent some time looking through my old things.  I came across the book of quotes, memories, and good-byes that was given to my senior class when we graduated High School.  In there, one of my former religion teachers included a list of the "buzz word" phrases she drilled into our heads during her classes.  One of them simply says, "Change happens."

     It's true of course.  Change happens.  Sometimes we are the driving force behind the change in our own lives.  Sometimes the change comes and is completely out of our control.  Sometimes it is well planned, diligently thought through, and purposefully carried out.  Sometimes it comes unexpectedly - catching us off guard.

     No matter how it comes about or what it direction it ends up taking us, when presented with change, we are presented with a choice.  How do we react to the change?  Do we embrace it, ride the wave, and make the most of it?  Or do we shy away, pretend it can't touch us, and act like it is not real?

     As I sit as this desk, typing on this computer, if I look to my right I will see the Divine Mercy image.  Inscribed at the bottom is that simple and ever important prayer of St. Faustina's.  "Jesus I trust you."

     This life is a constant journey toward an eternal end.  It's a journey that changes many times along the way.  Whether the change is by our design or because of circumstances we cannot control, God's design is within its scope. Our prayer can remain constant through the change.

"Jesus I trust in you."