Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, I AM Going to Talk About It

On Friday, the Heath and Human Services Department of the Obama Administration passed a regulation that will require employers to include coverage of contraceptives and sterilization procedures in their health care plans regardless of their moral beliefs.

In other words, the Catholic Institutions (schools, hospitals, etc.) that have employees who receive health care benefits will have to PAY for contraceptives.


In case you didn't know, the Catholic Church sees the use of artificial contraceptives as grave matter. This means that their use, when combined with full-knowledge of the gravity and full-consent to the usage, puts Catholics in a state of MORTAL SIN, which completely cuts them off from GOD and His Church.


Catholic Institutions, which make up the single largest charitable organizations in the world, provide medical attention to the SICK and DYING of any religion, and have pioneered the education system, CANNOT comply with this regulation.

CANNOT! Period.

So what does this mean? Well (unless I'm completely erring in my understanding of the situation) either (1) the entire Catholic Church in the United States becomes complete sell outs, sacrificing the fullness of Truth, the sacredness of Tradition, and spitting in the face of all Divine Revelation, (2) Catholic Institutions stop providing heath care to their employees (which Catholic Social Teaching would have a big issue with), or (3) these institutions courageously stand up for the Truth the Catholic Church boldly proclaims and suffer the consequences.

So you see, this is kind of a BIG DEAL. It kind of MATTERS.

Setting aside the fact this appears to be a blatant contradiction of our Constitutional rights to religious freedom, people should be talking about this. People should be fired up!

But there has been (in my humble opinion) a strange and unexpected amount of silence regarding the issue.

Well, not anymore.

I'm saying something.

Click here to read a better explanation of the situation.

Click here to see how the bishops are responding.

Click here to read who is in support of the ruling.

Click here to see what you can do about this now.

And above all else PRAY! Pray for the courage of the leaders of the Church. Pray for the lawmakers and leaders of our country. Pray for the conversion of hearts that will allow LIFE to be known as something precious to value, not something negative to prevent. Pray, pray, pray.


  1. As always, you are right on point. You have a wonderful grasp of reality - keep it up. And, keep talking about it!

  2. Melissa, I am speaking out about this, too! Considering that I just went on the Prolife March, this frustrates me very much. I keep telling more and more friends about it, and they are as impassioned about changing it as I am. Keep rockin'!

  3. Thank you for posting this, Melissa. I can't say that I am shocked that there is such a blatant disregard for life by our government. I can, however, express my disappointment that the first Amendment has been completely ignored. I am praying that the ruling is overturned. I also think that, even if someone is not at all worried about the serious issues that are threatening life, he or she should consider the impact it will have if all Catholic institutions that Melissa mentioned (hospitals, schools, all Catholic Charities) are unable to freely provide their services. Truly, many people of many different faiths would be harmed.