Monday, September 20, 2010

Daybook: The Beginning Part of a Long Week

(September 20, 2010)

Outside my window... it is dark.  That combined with how tired I am make it seem very, very late. It's not even 8:30.

I am thinking... about what my life would look like if I really gave 100%.  I'm thinking that because I've started thinking that God is calling me to just that. 100%, all the time.  My initial response to that: wow, I'm already tired even as it is. That hasn't stopped God from calling. I've become quite dissatisfied when I catch myself giving less.

I am thankful for... the many, many gifts God has given to me and the little ways He has allowed me to recognize them lately. Also, the providential way that, though we far apart, my friends and I continue to live parallel spiritual lives. This allows us to be great comfort and encouragement to each other.

I am wearing... Pajama pants and my undershirt from school today.  My hair is down and my teeth are brushed. I'm laying in bed.  There is still make-up on my face.

I am creating... lessons and promises.

I am going... to be at school for too long tomorrow. However, Wednesday is the first day of Fall.  I have lots of classroom decorating to do.

I am reading... A lot of teacher's manuals, an A to Z Mystery book as a classroom read aloud, and a lot about the Blessed Mother in preparation for a youth group night to come at the beginning of October.

I am hoping... that God continues to bless me with an abundance of recognizable gifts... and that I learn to surrender wholly, including surrender to the fact that in order to live the life to which I am called, I must be willing to suffer.

I am hearing... fans blowing in the room

Around the's ITBS week. It's funny because though I'm not an advocate of standardized testing, there are elements of this week that are able to look more like my vision for my classroom than anything else has so far.

One of my favorite things... getting enough sleep.

I am growing ... closer to God. Hopefully.

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